Things to keep in mind while learning French adjectives

French will be an easy language to learn if you know the right process of approaching the language. If you sit to work out the learning plan for the language, french adjectives should be your priority. These adjectives will provide more information about the noun or the subject and hence, are vital for the language. The following are some of the things to keep in mind while learning adjectives in French.

Things to keep in mind while learning French adjectives

• The adjectives will majorly find a place after the noun in the French language in contrast to English where it will come before the noun.

• There will be certain exceptions for adjectives where they will come before the noun.

• If the gender of the noun varies, the usage of adjectives will also vary. For instance, a masculine noun will come with a normal adjective, while a feminine noun will come with the letter ‘e’ in the end. However, the ‘e’ will be silent when pronounced. You can categorize the masculine and feminine nouns with the presence of ‘le’ and ‘la’ respectively.

• Similar to gender, the number or size of the noun will also have an impact on the adjective in French. You may wish to use either a singular noun or a plural noun. As you do with normal words in English, you should add ‘s’ at the end of the adjective of the plural noun. If the noun is singular, you need not add anything.

• You should keep both the gender and number of the noun in mind to come up with the right word for the adjective. If there is a requirement for both ‘e’ and ‘s’, you should include both.

• A masculine singular noun will have an ordinary adjective without any inclusions or alterations.