Understanding the French tenses

Did you know that with the use of the french verbs list, it is possible to understand the French tenses? Unless the reason behind your French verb conjugations is for the purpose of passing a written test – where you will have to learn all the verb conjugations because all of them will be tested, you need to stop, thinking what the tenses are all about that you will utilize.
To know the verb form is not similar to having to understand when they are to be used. You have to learn both of them. There are many students who spend several hours having to study verb conjugations, studiously going from the present to the plus que parfait, and the various moods in French. Yet they don’t understand when the passé-compose, imparfait has to be used or the French subjunctive which is dreaded will be required.
To study the French verbs in such away is time wasting. Furthermore, to memorize the forms of French verbs is not quite fascinating nor can you consider it to be funny and might end up disgusting you French to study French.
The French tenses and the moods are thoroughly explained but in a progressive manner. To be able to gain enough speed when you speak French, then you will have to pick tenses and verbs which you thing you are going to use. Try drilling them using the affirmative and even in the negative, and moving randomly from the je to the ils.
Unless you will write a novel in the French language or you are aiming at passing an exam, then you don’t have to know the passe-simple. It is possible that there is a need of understanding if yo read quite a lot of the French novels written in French but you will not at the end of it all, use it.